Has it got legs?

‘Got to keep on keeping on’ – at least that’s what the Women  from First Aid Kit sing, and I feel it.  A week in that London was a smorgasbord of conversations with strangers and makers and creators, no age restrictions, I had the joy of the 21st Tea Dance at the Albany, singers in their Golden years 70’s and 80’s performing and taking that stage, hosted by the one and only Chris Green doing an amazing David Bowie.  So what do I now know? I know to  stop with the thinking and get  the stuff out of my head. Whats interesting is how something then changes as soon as it hits the air out loud in front of other humans, a chemical happening happens. I Love that. I really needed that. So big thanks to the tiny but giving audience who have helped set me up for the next stage of making,( Mark W,  thank you for spending a day in the dark looking at my crappy camera footage ! I  made you laugh a little bit  so thats good )  I like this sharing concept it works, and thanks to all at the Albany and all the folks who shared time with me in the cafe or corridors.

And yes apparently the show has got legs !!!!! Phew .

sleepless in Deptford

Don’t know what its all about by I can’t seem to let go and sleep deeply, the voices in my mind are chatting away to me most of the night, I thinks its coz lots of stuff is going on in the making of something . I’m gathering conversations, remembering connections with strangers, snippets of other peoples lives, and I feel very here, turns out I don’t need that much, turns out I’m not alone, turns out most of our Happiness is very simple this….

So I am doing a sharing tomorrow in a studio space here at the Albany, no lights no tech, no theatre, just me, some stories, some film, some documentation,some sounds. After its done, there will be more I hope.cropped-debs-1-copy1_page_062.jpg

London Calling

I will be at the Albany Deptford for the week of 26th October working on (playing with) my next show ‘A Place Called Happiness’,I  cannot wait. It’s always good to get away but even better to have somewhere to go to work from, and I love the Albany its got soul and a proper neighbourhoody feel about it. Feeling positive and open to what ever will happen, and I plan to not make plans but to get lost and found and let stuff happen !

If anyone is passing through do let me know …and if anyone knows about any wild untamed secret  bits of the Deptford area please let me know!!!

Happy Monday to us all what ever we are doing, and remember it was Friday 3 days ago, and it will be Friday again in 3 more if you dont count today …dont be sad

If you see me walking down the street, Provincetown…

Dear Afterglow Audience, thank you for your warmest reception last night, especially the positive reaction to us having Amish Pride next year!

So, I’m here till Friday and I need your help. I’m making a show about Happiness and so if you see me, stop me and tell me what happiness is to you…..I’d love to take a bit of PTown love back to England with me!

I hope the Bunny of Hope is with you today, whatever you’re doing,

Debs xx


On the way to Happiness research station number 2 . Provincetown,Cape Cod US of A

I can safely say that right now happiness is not being on a 8 hour flight with heavy turburlance, that it is just generally being still alive! But on a more serious deeper note it’s about cleaning your teeth in a clean bathroom, it’s having a shower putting clean pants on, coffee , and being surrounding by people from all over the world in a Hostel in Boston, being communal but also having your own little bit of space to be human, to be considerate to practise being who you are .

Can I just say I am deeply jet lagged and so sorry for sounding a bit cosmic but I haven’t slept since Friday eve. Over and out for now.

Next report to be transmitted from a boat …fingers crossed. Happy Sunday to us all where ever we are x

Loved recording Diary of a Bad Daughter ..

First things first, thanks to School of Sound in Manchester and John Horrocks my sound engineer-director of Foley, think I’ve spelt that wrong, never mind. Thought I’d write up all these things that happen between me and my Mum, mostly stories about the Role Reversal Syndrome we are finding ourselves in, the tipping point from bumbling daughter to bad daughter to guilty daughter and all the weird feelings in between, and all the stuff that changes when people get older, and sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s just not. I hope Radio Four will snap my fingers off to get at them and make them into a glorious Radio Mini Series, which will excite a bidding war from America and a front cover on the Radio Times with me sitting at my desk chewing on a pen looking bemused and kooky but confident at the same time, then meetings about how can we transfer it to a four part Tv drama filmed on location up round Saddleworth or the moors near Whitby and who is going to play my Mum? And who’s playing me ? Maxine Peake back off ..I love you but ..it’s my go … You are golden …but I really do think it’s my go ….

On Writing…

I never felt able to call my self a writer, I’ve spent years trying to write, I even gave up work and some one gave me an old Apple Mac computer those chunky box ones, I sat for weeks trying to be a writer, I went on an Arvon course I didn’t write I talked, and here I am years later , still trying to be a writer. To write you have to just keep on re writing , I am a Rewriter, practising everyday, and maybe I am a bit jealous of people who just write, but no matter how we all get there I am just happy that I haven’t given up, because I could and it would be fine, I wouldn’t die . I am just putting my head down to graft with words, the Mum O Logs are in production, mini stories of being a daughter to an Elder, a situation familiar to many of us, full of incidents and hours spent trying to find her in department stores, have you had your medication, have you eaten …where’s your car…..where’s your mind, where are you……where am I ? I would like to open this up to all, when the time is right, maybe you would like to share on the Mum O Logs Archive ? Wishing everyone a good productive day despite all this weird sunshine !!!

Day 2 in the Playhouse

Off to Leeds again today..I have to say I wish we had a HuB @slunglow here in Manchester & Salford , it’s such a brilliant place to work/play it’s has that ethos that maybe is old fashioned now, but it really does want and does support everyone who is trying to make theatre, not just a chosen few, but all. And in the delicate tricky time of making a show when you are not sure what you are doing it’s a ‘Safe ‘ space to be !!!!!! Wishing everyone a productive day in whichever field you are in .