I love doing street performance – I could get addicted – Door-stoppers work it in Kendal again

Another wonderful time doing the naughty Bonjella and Rubella at the Mint festival in Kendal, Such joy to be able  to play out in the public spaces with the public, it s actually one of the few times that I think the public lets its guard down and becomes part of a playfullness that we are not usually  encouraged to do,  to have had the opportunity to tickle and play and let people laugh is such a wonderthingly thing to do . I say yes to more to more playing in the streets .

I’d do it for free I love it that much, but I prefer to get paid, I’m trying to get paid more these days, I’m trying, and I know us creative play makers sometimes struggle with getting paid for what we create, or maybe its just me!!! But I am practicing getting money! Money for what I create so that I can create ….

If you know anyone who fancies paying for the cheeky Door Stoppers, then check out the shiny new website here:


If you can’t wait to see us in the flesh, then have a look at us in action at this year’s Larmer Tree Festival, down south!

Because VIP Matters. Larking about with The Door Stoppers at @teacupandcakes

Had such a giggle working with Carrie English on Saturday on our street theatre duo, The Door Stoppers. Big thanks to Teacup for letting us manage the door for the Saturday morning rush! We’re hoping to get booked for summer festivals so if you’re interested – or know of a door that needs The Door Stoppers treatment – then get in touch!

Have you got what it takes to pass through the VIP rope?

Stop Press! Door Whores are up to trouble at this Fri’s @Mothers_Ruin @ContactMcr

Yes it’s true! You may have seen my previous post about playing up at Kendal’s MINT festival earlier in the year. Well, next in line for the VIP experience is Mother’s Ruin. They’ve decided it’s time for the Contact audience to have a once over and we’re happy to oblige.

So, get yourself down to the Contact this Fri……but make sure you’re dressed for the occasion!