Less than a week to go @DuckieLondon

As ever, am so excited to be coming back to Duckie. This coming Saturday 4th Jan I’ll be back on stage and looking forward to beginning the south east stage of my recruitment campaign. Are you fucked up enough to join the Fucked Up club?!Image

Thanks @DuckieLondon!

Thank you all the gang at Duckie, a wonderful audience, especially all the handsome men with beards, oh and Dom behind the bar, and Paul, who ended up once naked on stage at Duckie with a magicians wand up his you know where !!! Had a great night, remember never arrange to meet your mum in Debenhams when you are coming down!!! And when everything gets too much you are never too far away from a Greggs…see you soon Duckie….4th of January, its a date !