Feel like I have a mission in my hands

Saturday 1st December 2012 I took part in a TED x Women.   Saturday was a epic day. To be on stage with these womenfolk who have done and changed things in the world for positive change. There I was with what I had to share, one story of one person who has lived with depression that was my story from my life, from my heart, and I was going into the unknown by sharing this personal story, a risk, an exposure, yes.

What happened ? It did what I hoped, dared and dreamed it might, but didn’t really know it would.  It connected, made emotional connection, mind to mind, but mostly it connected  people who have this also in their lives, they are a carer, they are watching someone they love in a depression, they are trying to walk alongside someone they love in pain.

All the buttons it presses in me it presses in them .

But we talk about it we start to erase the  taboo, we share how we are  caring, we are coping – I say  I became a carer, no that’s not quite right, I became a coper!! And I am trying my bestest to have compassion and patience everyday.

And now I feel this feeling in my guts that I have a mission a desire to keep on keeping on with this. To make my words and this story about me, my mum, our mental health, into something…positive for change


2 thoughts on “Feel like I have a mission in my hands

  1. Resonates all through…. I have just deleted the war and peace comment I was going to leave…Once I ‘grew up’ and stopped blaming and started to understand the ‘Woman’ not just fight against my Mum then we gained a great peace. Is by no ways perfect though we are closer than we have ever been…it is worth sticking with ‘it’ through the good and well the effing awful times! It truly is. I love my Mum so much. And am very very protective of too!!! Am so happy for you to have found your own way with your Mum too. xx :-))) And through the best medicine of all smiles and laughter…take care x

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