News from the other sofa, in the backroom.

Yippee, I’m getting away to the Isle of Eigg, a Scottish Island remote and few people a wild self sufficient place, I cannot wait.I’m hoping to find out stuff about stuff for my next show. A show about stuff and people. I think being alone will be good for me. I think being the only person walking along a coastal path getting my thoughts blown out of my mind will be good for me. I might grow a beard. Learn how to knit or spit or catch a sheep or fish or cold. I might find new words. I might go veggie for a week. I might swim in the sea wearing my knickers. I might go there mad and come back sane. I hope not. If anyone wants to set me a challenge while I’m there then do, I will put it on my list of things to do. Thank you . Wishing everyone a peaceful day without regrets, with moments of wasted time and patches of daydreaminess.

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