Has it got legs?

‘Got to keep on keeping on’ – at least that’s what the Women  from First Aid Kit sing, and I feel it.  A week in that London was a smorgasbord of conversations with strangers and makers and creators, no age restrictions, I had the joy of the 21st Tea Dance at the Albany, singers in their Golden years 70’s and 80’s performing and taking that stage, hosted by the one and only Chris Green doing an amazing David Bowie.  So what do I now know? I know to  stop with the thinking and get  the stuff out of my head. Whats interesting is how something then changes as soon as it hits the air out loud in front of other humans, a chemical happening happens. I Love that. I really needed that. So big thanks to the tiny but giving audience who have helped set me up for the next stage of making,( Mark W,  thank you for spending a day in the dark looking at my crappy camera footage ! I  made you laugh a little bit  so thats good )  I like this sharing concept it works, and thanks to all at the Albany and all the folks who shared time with me in the cafe or corridors.

And yes apparently the show has got legs !!!!! Phew .

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