Timing is eveything

So I get a really nice little filming job for a ad agency, and the usual nerves dont apply, and I get a call saying they’ve pencilled me in, and I dont know what it means, so I have to google it -( thats another T shirt Slogan I gonna make – Dont Make me Google it !) – Anyway all those really depressing actor websites saying how casting people never call you back and when the do they say this pencil thing.But it means nothing, nothing, don’t get excited don’t feel anything apart from disapointment etc so i feel nothing, I have no expectations and I think now, that  having no or very low expectations is great, its a new way of thinking because I cant lose, I cant,! When  I get the call I’ve got the job and then within 4-5 hours I pull a muscle in my back.!!! And I  make it worse by thinking I shall swim it off, then I sit in a really funky bloody modern chair in the gym to check my horoscopes which makes it worse. I struggle to get  home and jump up to greet my WTB and it screams pain at me !! So there you go, I can still managed to put stuff in the way of good stuff, and timing is interesting and I’m not even gonna say the S word ( sabotage) I think if was suddenly given the gift of being a genius at the piano, I would make some toast and electrocute myself off the toaster on the eve  of a great gig playing back up piano for Beyonce. Hmmm

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