My show Hi Anxiety will be shared for the first time tonight!

Feel very odd but its just pre show nerves as usual, but feel very lucky to be able to share the work done so far, its all come together so well.A few people I want to thank, Ashley Knowles my amazing ace directer, the techie staff at Contact, Lindsey and Lee, staff at the  National Cycling Centre, so generous, Bob Barber thank you for the Turbo Trainer,Peter thanks for letting me have a sneaky look at our British cycling squad working on the track very exciting!! Thank you to friends for lending stuff, and time, and support and skills, Teresa you wonder, Ian sound engineer to the stars! Rhiannon for providing empty lager cans, David for rehearsal space at Frog,oh and the van, and Leon the bike is ace, and Zoe at Teacup for letting me have time to create this work, Ruby for listening, so with all this I go forward tonight to just do it let it be out in the world and hope it touches someone….someone…

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