Feeling Kind of Funny / #TimeToTalk

So, here it is! This is me part of this brilliant documentary made by Dabster Productions for BBC Radio Scotland. I know it’s not all about me, but if you’re pushed for time and want to listen to my bit,  I start at 4:40 and finish at 11:17.

It was quite hard to listen back actually – they recorded me listening back to the material I performed and I found it quite emotional (as you’ll hear!). But what it has made me realise is that it is still so important to keep talking about these difficult experiences and places that we find ourselves in.

What’s weird is, yesterday I saw an invitation for people to get involved in a national conversation to beat the stigma of mental health. The day is on 6th Feb and it’s called Time To Talk. So, I’m gonna have a think about where we could do something local. Any ideas, drop me a line!

Enjoy Feeling Kind Of Funny!



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