I don’t want to change the world…

Yippee we are go.  Team Anxiety is go!!! When I phoned to tell my Mum I got Arts Council funding she said “How lovely who else has got it? Is it hard to get Debra? What is it again?”  I said “Mum yes it is, its like trying to get a Michelin Star for a sandwich shop” (gourmet sandwiches of course!!!)

Anyway, it was weird trying to explain why I was so excited to be funded by the Arts Council to my mum, age 79, who is now a poster girl for the show itself. “Oh Debra not that photo,” I said “you look gorgeous in that picture the height of 70’s glam” anyway I’m rambling….

So since we got the news its all systems go, and you know when something feels so right and you feel in flow, well this is how it feels. Today I called someone to book a van to take us to the venues. He asked what the show was about and we talked for half hour about depression and how the time is now, it so the right time to be talking and how language traps us, how the modern world of communication brings us together but still leaves us lonely and disconnected. Anyway it got deep and I’m not so good at keeping up with deep, but what a great chat we had, and he’s a flyposterer, ticket seller (multi-talented) and a philosopher and a plasterer!!! And he said “I don’t want to change the world, I’m not an aid worker but I am going do a really good job plastering walls in Little Hulton.”

Start small, be local, do stuff to help people locally – and I love that and that’s my quote of the day, so thank you David.


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