Hi, Anxiety at @SlungLow, Holbeck Underground Ballroom

Well it was a great start to my tour at Slung Low in Holbeck, Leeds. It started with the most lovely welcome by Porl and Allan and Lucy and Billy the dog, a cafetiere a coffee and home made brownies on a bench in a yard full of plants growing in baths and feeling like you’ve just met up with old friends is not the usual welcome you get at a Theatre !! The philosophy of HUB and Slung Low is also so unexpected and liberating, its a space that theatre makers like myself can use for free, to make to rehearse or just show, and the audience are also free to pay what they feel on the night, and I think they felt alright after seeing my show because the Jar was pretty full, they don’t do massive marketing and spend 1000’s on that, instead they use the web and good old fashioned talking to people, and most people come to one thing then see whats on next via a good old fashioned poster and come again and tell others. So thank you for hosting me, its my kind of place, refreshing, alternative almost from another era, it reminded me of the 80’s of arts centres of people making theatre to say something, of politics of passion and of creating beautiful things on stage…oh AND for those of us in our 40’s who’d loved telly as a kid it reminded my of the Double Deckers, the TV children’s show from the early 80’s, the yard and space is so Double Deckers ! Come aboard we’re the double deckers !!

SlungLow 20140511_190452

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