York show, tick .

My home town gig at York St Johns, went down really well, tears, laughter, tick tick. Its so great to have chance to build something to have space the develop a performance stride, to find a flow, and be able to tweek and play.  But I was a bit thrown by how was emotional I felt on stage to be  performing  my show in York where it all happened,  and so close to where my Mum lives, and spooky to be so close, one street away from where she worked at York District Hospital,  where she walked into town on her lunch even when she had a bout of Agraphobia, she made herself walk into town, to face it . It was also spooky that a man on the front row, right there in the centre was a lecturer in Theatre and Mental Health – it couldn’t be more coincidental , Theatre and Mental Health, and he specializes in this, and that’s wonderful, and even more wonderful he asked me would I come back and do the show again for the students and some NHS people, so I said YES of course, so thank you Dr Nick Rowe,( a safe pair of feet).

So here are a couple of lovely pics thank you to my bezzie Ruby Porter for taking these on I might say a tricky camera, thank you Roo for coming out of retirement to take them !!

And thank you Ashley for being the best director and  keeping me calm and focused and having the best Kate Bush album The Dreaming on CD in your bag for the journey there and back!!!

Debs at York 101_4581

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