Loved recording Diary of a Bad Daughter ..

First things first, thanks to School of Sound in Manchester and John Horrocks my sound engineer-director of Foley, think I’ve spelt that wrong, never mind. Thought I’d write up all these things that happen between me and my Mum, mostly stories about the Role Reversal Syndrome we are finding ourselves in, the tipping point from bumbling daughter to bad daughter to guilty daughter and all the weird feelings in between, and all the stuff that changes when people get older, and sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s just not. I hope Radio Four will snap my fingers off to get at them and make them into a glorious Radio Mini Series, which will excite a bidding war from America and a front cover on the Radio Times with me sitting at my desk chewing on a pen looking bemused and kooky but confident at the same time, then meetings about how can we transfer it to a four part Tv drama filmed on location up round Saddleworth or the moors near Whitby and who is going to play my Mum? And who’s playing me ? Maxine Peake back off ..I love you but’s my go … You are golden …but I really do think it’s my go ….

On Writing…

I never felt able to call my self a writer, I’ve spent years trying to write, I even gave up work and some one gave me an old Apple Mac computer those chunky box ones, I sat for weeks trying to be a writer, I went on an Arvon course I didn’t write I talked, and here I am years later , still trying to be a writer. To write you have to just keep on re writing , I am a Rewriter, practising everyday, and maybe I am a bit jealous of people who just write, but no matter how we all get there I am just happy that I haven’t given up, because I could and it would be fine, I wouldn’t die . I am just putting my head down to graft with words, the Mum O Logs are in production, mini stories of being a daughter to an Elder, a situation familiar to many of us, full of incidents and hours spent trying to find her in department stores, have you had your medication, have you eaten …where’s your car…..where’s your mind, where are you……where am I ? I would like to open this up to all, when the time is right, maybe you would like to share on the Mum O Logs Archive ? Wishing everyone a good productive day despite all this weird sunshine !!!

The Art of Shoplifting…with Harry and Lou

This is Harry and Lou presenting our homage to the Krypton Factor Observation Round…one of the joys of TV’s past! We made this as part of a series of shows at the Nip and Tipple bar, experimenting with delivering a night of performance / comedy / quiz / mayhem. It’s been such great fun so we’re now looking for extra venues to run the show from – any ideas? Previous themes have been Harvest Festival, Self-Help Help Yourself and have even included a guest spot from recovering clubbers Tip Top.

If you’d like to have a go at testing your observational skills then  follow us on Facebook and we’ll post some questions soon:

But for now…enjoy!

Probe Consultancy spent the day asking people “Should we re-brand #NorthernQuarter?”

Had a great time performing today as part of the Manchester Weekender. I was busy conducting market research on Re-Branding the Northern Quarter on behalf of Probe Consultancy, telling people that the council wants to re name it the Weirdy Beardy Quarter!! Lets Start a Campaign !! Will definitely be doing more of this in the weeks ahead so watch out, or you might just get Probed!

This week’s news

So on Friday its the Lovely Laughing Cows Comedy Club in Chorlton cum Harder, to enjoy some stage time to do some ranting rambling about living vicariously through FB and wanting to be Armish, Young Gifted and Armish!! Its the Bonnets the Beards the Buggies drive me wild ….lifestyle Porn Ya ! Oh and and getting to do some street performing up in Kendal Mint Festival at end of the month most excited, more on that later !

And I will be channelling Harriet with Lou at the Nip and Tipple on 16th August .

From Flying Solo all the way to next year’s Queer Contact

Had a great time pitching my idea at Flying Solo 2012, and even though I didn’t earn the full title I had an amazing week of workshops and I have been invited to present my idea as a work in progress at next year’s Queer Contact. The working title is ‘Hi, Anxiety’ – the theme is  how to cope when your parents get old and go off the mental rails…a comic tragedy, using theatre and stand up.

work those workshops

Having an amazing amazing amazing time (as my brother would say) at the Contact, to meet and play with such wonderful people has been such a pleasure, and a learning. Its like being on the best working holiday ever!! So far I would like to thank Ernie Silva, Daniel Bye and Fergus Evans for stretching my mind muscles, poking my imagination and reminding me I love doing this. Onwards and upwards, never give up never surrender!

flying solo

Well more excitement, have been shortlisted to be part of pitching for a place on the Contacts Flying solo projects!!! All next week I will be in loose clothing using my body in mixed  movement and expression with other creative bods. And I cant wait, come on bring it on!!!

Word up! I will need support, as in an audience, to come when I pitch my idea for a show/theatre piece on Saturday 3 rd March –  its free its at 6pm at the Contact.  Its like the X factor but with words!!!! Sort of.

Timing is eveything

So I get a really nice little filming job for a ad agency, and the usual nerves dont apply, and I get a call saying they’ve pencilled me in, and I dont know what it means, so I have to google it -( thats another T shirt Slogan I gonna make – Dont Make me Google it !) – Anyway all those really depressing actor websites saying how casting people never call you back and when the do they say this pencil thing.But it means nothing, nothing, don’t get excited don’t feel anything apart from disapointment etc so i feel nothing, I have no expectations and I think now, that  having no or very low expectations is great, its a new way of thinking because I cant lose, I cant,! When  I get the call I’ve got the job and then within 4-5 hours I pull a muscle in my back.!!! And I  make it worse by thinking I shall swim it off, then I sit in a really funky bloody modern chair in the gym to check my horoscopes which makes it worse. I struggle to get  home and jump up to greet my WTB and it screams pain at me !! So there you go, I can still managed to put stuff in the way of good stuff, and timing is interesting and I’m not even gonna say the S word ( sabotage) I think if was suddenly given the gift of being a genius at the piano, I would make some toast and electrocute myself off the toaster on the eve  of a great gig playing back up piano for Beyonce. Hmmm


Well my first gig of the year and I discover my old self-help book bit goes down well…If you can’t get what you want stop fucking wanting it!! And my new book is Get over it your just a bunch of chemicals held up with hormones lower your expectations, also gets a big old laugh.   It’s interesting to be back on the stage, those same old weirdy nerves and bonkers energy.  It’s really just all I ever want to do but its scares me sometimes because I always do stuff that’s very real and honest and maybe too real.  I feel exposed but not till the next day oh what fun that is..  I’m thinking the next show might be called Low Expectations ….anyway never give up never surrender. x for now

Queer Contact at the Contact Theatre Manchester 6 Feb 2012