Bread and Butter, and how to get it on the table .

In a post show analytical mood, it needs to be done, so you can move forward but it means I’m back on the sofa, its tricky, the question now what ? Is in the front of my mind, and everything I thought I learnt last year on the sofa seems a little bit hard to reach and get hold of.

So I say to myself I want to be busy, Debs there is so much to do you can have busy, busy is right here in front of you …I want paid creative and uncreative work…I want the things I make to put bread and butter and cheese on my plate …its simple isn’t folks its simple ….

today is about reaching out for ideas on on to put bread and butter on my plate and about not beating myself up for not feeling like I can achieve that.

so i’m floating out there ….

work come to me…space come to me…gigs come to me …and I will come to you with energy and clarity …

I feel better for that..Happy Thursday full of clarity to us all

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