The Grapes of Wrath or is it Wine ?

Dear Diary, well I managed to get away from the coalface of work, work, werk and have ended up on the French Riviera in a house on a Golf Resort with a view of woods and golfers and an eagle ( Of course ) driving around in an BMW X3 ( I know – I didn’t even know what an X3 was ) I feel peculiar like I’m in someone else’s life – like a minor soap actor or a wife of a minor soap actor…anyway get to the point Debs !! Its all about Esther, Esther Hicks is doing stuff to me, she is teaching me the art of allowing the art of making absolute peace with where you are right now, about living the life you want to life now, creating the feeling of what it would feel like but feel it now about building up the law of attraction about feeling better thoughts better thoughts its all about feeling and having better thoughts …..the vortex the frequency the don’t wait don’t have bad thoughts if they make you feel bad…….but if you do have them be gentle with them …let yourself off, accept that moment….

And so my head has had space to think about the stuff I make – to give is some space to soak up fresh air to re-frame to really mean it…so set forth desires ..shoot up rockets of desire … come on lets all have what we want lets shoot up our rockets of desire …..

To keep my self grounded and not let all this Riviera way of life go to my head I have brought and am reading the Grapes of Wrath by  John Steinbeck just to keep it real n all…

that’s all

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