@BritishCouncil / @ace_national said YES.



Some serious thing happened this summer. My desire to perform and develop my audience  abroad has come to reality. Mx  Vivian Bond started it by introducing me to Quinn Cox, who took the baton and invited me  to Afterglow Festival last year. Now the British Council and the Arts Council have enabled me to live the dream with an Artists’ International Development Fund.

I am so thrilled to be getting this special funding which enables me to go to Afterglow to do my show in September, followed by a research trip to New York forging relationships and connections with people and places to help make a 2017 tour possible.

I have never stretched myself to do work abroad before. It feels different, and it’s good to see what you can do out of your range, out of the spaces you are used to. Part of me is nervous, part of me is anxious and part of me is so ready for this stretching my wings across the ocean.

And so my ‘A Place Called Happiness‘ is packing its little bags and Sandra the Laptop is getting a special plug adapter…

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