Post Provincetown

These are some of the things that made me Happy in Provincetown …

The renaming of the Provincetown Inn from the Shinning to the Shimmering by Ken .

Breakfast time with all you legends ( you know who you are ) extra star points to  Joey  Arias for stunning black ensembles at the breakfast table  ( extra points also to Heather Litteer for epic pre breakfast cycling/running…and for the laughing Raquel,Somer, Brian, Molly, Drew, Ken ….20150917_115433.jpg

The connections

The feeling of belonging to the human race..and a community of creative souls

The kindness and support I felt for my first performance on a International stage !!

I felt free.

I continue to hold that spirit .

Inspired by all of you .

Note to self : Don’t forget there’s a world out there…..



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