2017 is GO

It started on the Sofa like all interesting things do, then 3 amazing nights performing at HOME, now the touring bit, to new places and old places and Barnsley and Harrogate, new ground for me. I yes I do have my day job and yes sometimes is a bit of a squeeze, but I always think these things make you stronger and more focused and I am proud to be part of a long long tradition of creative people on the leading edge the cusp of something great often work in bar or 3 bars and one other job and when I think of all my amazing friends in New York working that Cabaret Scene and 3 other jobs well I shall not complain I shall keep Going , and the other day at HOME we were chatting to our server who had just made a record with Iggy Pop!!! And yes of course to do this show biz thing full time is the aim but in the meantime we do everything we can to stay afloat and to float freely to make to creative to reflect ….but today is all mine I do that thing I CHOOSE REHEARSAL I CHOOSE LIFE to quote Transporting ! I’m gonna be late for rehearsing now ..gotta dash …sending creative juices to us all x

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