Make Off

I’m letting myself have thinking time and not resist silly thoughts :

Here are some of my thoughts :

To make a TV show about people who make solo theatre pieces called MAKE OFF – we see  the contestants spending hours sitting on sofa’s starring into space or making things with  cuttings out of magazines or we see them on park benches crying talking to themselves ” I’ve got nothing to say – I’m empty inside” …thats round one if they survive that the get put into a ‘Space ‘ to devise set pieces using only what is in the room, there is no natural light .  – and so it goes on – till the Final – 3 solo theatre makers in a disused industrial space with only one hour one light one prop to share the ‘work’…..


To be subversive in a day job situation …ie pretend I’m in a sit com…already do do that .Next


Submerge myself in a time space where I only listen to Joni Mitchell and see ‘What Happens’ going to start this tomorrow …’prisoner of the white lines on the freeway’…


Workshop ideas for shows with people who are not in the ‘Trade’ really fancy this idea have already  got the amazing Debbie Jump pencilled in ( i think she thinks I’m joking around but I’m not and she is really funny – in fact she should be on stage )


Follow the path of least resistance ….follow follow follow

That’s all for now – my day job does calleth …into the sit com…until I write the real one ..which I am actually doing – get me – get off the sofa – Art is life is art is life is art is life is art …is life

still reeling from talking to Laurie Anderson

feel the love

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