On Being Quiet

I have been quiet of late on this blog space thang – sometimes you just have nothing to say and perhaps this is a blessing because I feel like there’s so  much talking going on.

Are we allowed to just be quiet? I have a niggle thought that its good for us to be silent. I hear people constantly on the mobiles talking about nothing filling space ‘ I’m just getting a sandwich might get some crisps – I’ve not had a yoghurt might get one where you at work oh yeah no I’m on way to work blah blah blah –

Other people thing there is something wrong with you if you are not filling the air with chat. There is something right with you not wrong. Maybe I just get over stimulated by stuff and noise and movement – I need a bit of still .

We were talking round the dinner table last night about boredom and that it is actually good for you to get bored – but we as a people keep pushing it to be full of doing all the day n night – not allowing space to let some boredom in – I don’t think I’ve been bored in years – think me and Teresa got bored 6 years ago on the day after boxing day we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves – it passed .

So I’m gonna invite a bit of boredom and quietness into my world. I’ve got a feeling it will help new stuff come into my mind or enable old stuff to be re worked !!!!!!

Ps loving this 10,000 steps business and wondering if we can create a fit bit for good thoughts – target 100 positive/better/ not so destructive/ kinder thoughts ? 


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