When does Yoga become self harm?

I cannot get down the stairs without pain. I cannot get up the stairs without it either?

So I am working from bed.

Am I doing the wrong kind of yoga?  I ache, I have a hot water bottle permanently strapped to my lower back. The pains keep me awake, but I can’t say no to my online yoga guru sessions.

You may of noticed I’ve started my own tutorials, a bit rough I think, but they are inspiring, aren’t they?

This is still feeling like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.

I dreamt I had super invincible powers and that I was holding Boris hostage until everything changed and care was given to everyone who needs,  I woke up.

There are too many people invisible in this crisis and too many fuck wits and fuck its. ( I think I have to include myself in stupid  moments )

I will still try and be on the path of least resistance.

Sending out love and good thoughts,

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